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3ntini first ventured into publishing in 1984, with the comic strip and music fanzine Nuvola Bianca. Illustrations, photographs, graphic design, video and music have been the driving force behind this creative publishing house for years. It is dedicated to exploring undiscovered areas and experimenting with new and exciting forms of communication.

Over nearly twenty years the publisher has often anticipated the latest trends by focussing on specialist subjects just before they became hugely popular. The group was based in Milan from 1987 to 1992, where it provided a service for other publishers and set up around twenty new titles for the market, ranging from teen magazines to cultural interest publications.

The publishing group is currently based in Argenta, in the Po Delta, and is made up of three components:

3ntini Service the company that owns the brands, titles and copyrights. It takes care of written articles, graphic design and editing.

3ntini Editore the publisher that produces and distributes the finished products put together by 3ntini Service and other suppliers.

Stampa Trentini the printer that prints most of the group’s products, especially high quality ones that require special care. Nuvola Bianca rolled out of the same printshop way back in 1984. There is now a specialist packaging plant in Argenta while the printing is done in Bologna using three Man Roland five-colour seventy per cent machines.

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